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What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is so much more than just a hair removal treatment...

The ingredients consist of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Making it the safest and most gentle way to extract hairs.

Sugaring benefits include:

Hair reduction:
The sugaring technique has the ability to remove hairs within the natural direction of growth. This prevents hair breakage and effection hair extraction. Less breakage means more time for hairs to travel towards the surface. Sugaring can even remove hairs as short as 2mm.

Hair types:

Sugar seeps into each pore providing support to each hair prior to extraction, making it effective when removing all types of hairs. For example, Peach fuzz on the face and even the strongest public hairs.

Sugaring removes dead skin cells!
Not only does your skin feel and look soft, but it also prevents ingrown hairs and is even safe for eczema and psoriasis.

No chemicals:
This means no irritation to the skin making it suitable for all skin types.

No heat:
There is no chance of your skin being burnt as sugar is only being warmed to body temperature to make it pliable. Sugaring is fantastic for sensitive skins.

Water soluble:
Sugar dissolves in water so there's never sticky residue left on the skin. Therefore sugar never removes living skin cells, it can't attach where there is moisture, only dry, dead cells.

Fresh sugar is used on each client and discarded after each treatment. Sugar is a natural antibacterial, this means it eliminates the chances of cross contamination.

Australian Owned: Supporting Australian brands is very important to Brown Sugar. 

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